facebook-buttonBig K’z Glaze was developed to give me an edge in the BBQ Competition Circuit. Not only has it helped me, but I’ve shared this secret weapon and it’s helped others take home countless awards across the country. (Your secret is safe with me!)

Bottle #1 of Big K'z GlazeOffering the perfect balance, Big K’z Glaze is nicely Sweet with a subtle Heat.

Big K’z Glaze is not a BBQ sauce – it’s a Glaze that adds off-the-charts flavor wherever it’s applied. While it’s great on meats that you grill or barbeque, it’s a year-round enhancement to anything and everything that you might roast, bake, braise, broil, sauté, simmer or steam.

If you’re gonna eat it, Glaze it — with Big K’s Glaze

Pick up a jar or two today, and your taste buds will thank you tomorrow.

~Kevin (“Big K”)

“A Little Sweet & A Little Heat For Everything You Eat”